Description: Recorded as part of the Lambda Archives of San Diego’s 20th anniversary.

Since surviving the mean streets of San Francisco’s Tenderloin District in the 1970s as a young transgender street kid, Tracie Jada O’Brien has become one of the most respected and elegant role models of our community – a testament to beauty, survival and perseverance. O’Brien is a certified addictions treatment counselor and spent six years as a counselor and coordinator of Extend Services at Stepping Stone of San Diego, a nationally renowned Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facility specific to the GLBT community. O’Brien is also the co-founder of Transaction, San Diego’s first political/social/transgender group that succeeded in having cross-dressing laws in the county repealed. O’Brien is active with the San Francisco Transgender Law Center, The California Transgender Leadership Summit, The California Office of AIDS Transgender HIV Equality and Party Conferences, and the Center of Excellence for Transgender HIV Prevention. She is also the coordinator of the Family Health Center’s Project S.T.A.R.,which provides services for the transgender community.

Date: 2007-11-04