The work of Lambda Archives would not be possible without the countless hours and dedication of the people who pour their passion into collecting, preserving, and sharing our local LGBTQ+ history.

Here’s a little info about them:

Joyce Gabiola, Head Archivist (they/them). Before moving to L.A. to pursue a doctorate in information/archival studies, Joyce earned their M.S. in Library and Information Science with a concentration in Archives Management at Simmons University in Boston. In addition to the Massachusetts Department of Recreation and Conservation and MIT, Joyce gained practical experience at Boston University where they processed materials for the Lauren Bacall collection. (Hmm those letters from Katharine Hepburn! And oh, that Noël Coward….) Joyce approaches archives with the understanding that archives are ultimately about people (not materials and ownership). Additionally, Joyce is one of the co-creators of and inaugural editors for up//root, a new publication/media space for Black, Indigenous, Persons of Color (BIPOC) to share research and meditations on knowledge, systems, experiences and/or ways of being in libraries and archives. up//root is an intervention that endeavors to unapologetically center and uplift the works of BIPOC exclusively. And when Joyce is not deep in the world of archives, they enjoy finding hidden gems in used bookstores, playing board games (backgammon, anyone?), and making their partner and precious theyby laugh hysterically.

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Nicole Verdes (she/they)

Nicole has been serving as Lambda’s Board President since August of 2018 after serving as Board Treasurer since April of 2017. She is very active in the community, serving on various Boards and as co-chair of the Young Professional’s Council at the San Diego LGBT Community Center. As a Queer mixed-race feminist, she works hard in making every effort to meet Lambda’s mission of collecting, teaching, and sharing our local LGBTQ+ history. 

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Jae Red Rose (they/them | She/Hers) moved to San Diego during the summer of 2017. Since that time, they have started their transition and developed a fervent passion for activism. Jae serves on the Board of Directors for The T-Spot and Lambda Archives as well as the planning committees for San Diego Trans Pride, She Fest and the Won’t be Erased March. She is a group facilitator at The LGBT Community Center and The Hillcrest Youth Center, and a youth coordinator at San Diego Pride.

They are passionate about accessibility, intersectional social justice, and being a positive role model for all of our community.

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Gibrán Güido (he/him/his) was born in San Diego and raised in San Ysidro, California. He is currently a doctoral candidate in the Department of Literature at the University of California, San Diego. He completed his M.A. program in the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies at San Diego State University. Currently, Gibrán is co-editing with Dr. Adelaida R. Del Castillo the forthcoming anthology titled, Fathers, Fathering and Fatherhood: Queer Chicano Desire and Belonging. Gibrán is also the co-editor of the anthology Queer in Aztlán: Chicano Male Recollections of Consciousness and Coming Out.

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Matthew Vasilakis (he/him/his) is a proven leader, bringing a broad range of experience including work with various local, state and national nonprofits, businesses, civic and educational institutions, and elected officials. He is dedicated to ensuring all communities are uplifted by meaningful policies that address and end injustice. Matthew is an advocate at Climate Action Campaign and currently sits on the boards of Lambda Archives San Diego, Sierra Club San Diego’s Political Committee, and the YIMBY Democrats of San Diego County.

Originally from Washington State, Mark Maddox (he/him/his) moved to America’s Finest City with his partner, Ben Mendoza in late 2013. With over 12 years of skills and experience in customer service and volunteer support, Mark’s background includes employment with Birch Aquarium, parade management for San Diego Pride, and currently the Director of Volunteer Engagement for Mama’s Kitchen. When not supporting great local organizations, Mark can be found brunching, playing with his dog Donut, or re-reading Harry Potter.

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Anna Culbertson, MA, MSLIS, (she/her/hers) is Assistant Head of Special Collections and University Archives at San Diego State University. She co-directed the CalHumanities funded project Out on the Left Coast: The Story of San Diego Pride and curates a collection of zines that document LGBTQ+ voices and experiences, among others. Anna joined the Board of Directors in 2017 and consults on archival best practices including collection development, conservation, and access. 

Lisa Lamont, M.A,. M.L.I.S.  (she/her/hers) Is the Interim Associate Dean of the San Diego State University Library and the Head of Digital Collections.  LASD and the SDSU Library will be collaborating on an effort to make the archive’s digital materials more accessible and to ensure their long-term preservation.  

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Chuck Kaminski and his husband Jeffrey Shorn arrived in San Diego in 1975 as architects, life partners and an out couple. Chuck joined the Lambda Board in 2013 because of his passion for history and, most importantly, our regions LGBTQ+ history. In 2015 Chuck was a vocal advocate for saving and preserving the Bernie Michels-Thom Carey House on El Cajon Boulevard. In 2016, his activism was on saving the Truax House, San Diego’s first AIDs hospice named after one of the city’s pioneering AIDS activists and community leaders, Dr. Brad Truax. More recently his efforts have been focused on Lambda Archives where Chuck is Board Member Emeritus and at the San Diego History Center where his and Jeffrey’s enthusiasm helped raise funds for San Diego’s important and significant pioneering LGBTQ+ exhibit.

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Hank Ramírez (he/him/his) was raised in Chino, CA, in a mixed-race home before moving to San Diego to attend the University of San Diego as a seminarian for the priesthood. He left theology school in 1982 and returned to San Diego where he became involved in the local LGBTQA+ community. After many years in customer service, he continued his calling through work in LGBTQA+ non-profit organizations such the San Diego AIDS Project, Being Alive, the AIDS Foundation and the Center. He also served on the boards of Dignity/San Diego, the San Diego Men’s Chorus, Mama’s Kitchen, and the Center. He retired in January 2018 after 20 years working for the County of San Diego overseeing community contracts for the Ryan White CARE Act and the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) programs, as well as other community services. He has lived in Normal Heights since 1991 with his husband of 30 years and their 4 cats.