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1992 Center Reunion


Description: This is footage of the 20 year reunion of the San Diego LGBT Center founders and staff. It features many key figures in San Diego LGBT community, who often worked simultaneously with The Center and other local LGBT organizations. The Center is a local non profit which provides extensive mental health services, housing for homeless LGBT youth, retirement care for the elderly, and numerous other programs and services for youth, seniors, families, men, women, Latinos, African Americans, Asian-Americans, and those struggling with HIV/AIDS.

Date: 1992

Nicolette Ibarra Interview


Description: Part of Lambda Archives’ celebratory event “Heroines, Pioneers and Trailblazers” held March 19, 2016 in San Diego, CA. Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, Nicolette Ibarra lived in Los Angeles and San Francisco after growing up in the San Diego/Tijuana region. She was especially struck by the stark differences in the approach to the AIDS epidemic found on the different sides of the border with much greater levels of ignorance and negligence, and with a bigger lack of resources and services on the southern side of the border. Noticing that those afflicted  with AIDS and Mexico were getting sicker and dying at a higher rate Nicolette felt that she had to get involved and bravely became an AIDS activist on both sides of the border. She organized the gathering and transport of much needed medical supplies and information to fill in the gaps in Tijuana and surrounding areas. As a trans woman she had to accomplish all of of this while suffering the pervasive abuse, discrimination and indignities that are unfortunately a fact of life for those in the trans gender community.

Date: 2016-02-24

Tom Lidot Interview


Description: Tom Lidot, a local Native American activist, founded San Diego’s first and only Native American GLBT support group, Nations of the 4 Directions, in 1991. This group, which operated for five or six years before going on a several year hiatus, brought together Two-Spirited Native Americans from across the area’s eighteen reservations (one of the largest concentrations in the United States) and urban communities.

Date: 1996-05-03