Photos: Sharon Parker and Susan Richards

Photos: Doug Moore Album: 1970s San Diego LGBT Bar/Club Culture

Sheila Clark Photos

Out in San Diego #9: April 19, 1984


Description: Out in San Diego (OISD) was an LGBT radio program that aired on KPBS in the mid-1980s. Producers included Rick Moore and Jeri Dilno, both active participants in the San Diego LGBT movement and local political organizations. This reel contains a show on the police liasion, GYA, and athletics.

Date: 1984-04-19

Doug Moore Interview (Audio)


Description: Doug Moore has dedicated his life to the LGBT community, as well as preserving the history of Pride and LGBT history in general. He was an organizer of San Diego Pride from its earliest years. Doug served Pride in almost every capacity and has been a leader not only locally, but across the country and internationally. Doug has compiled one of the largest collections of Pride materials in the world- including posters, buttons, t-shirts, programs, banners, photos, periodicals, and more, which he has given to Lambda Archives. He was also instrumental in the founding of Lambda Archives of San Diego (then the “Lesbian and Gay Historical Society of San Diego”).

Date: 2007-04-29