Out in San Diego Week 28: February 11-15, 1985


Note: Beginning-9:15: Minnesota State Representative Karen Clark, first openly lesbian State Representative of the United States; 9:20-17:10: Gay and Lesbian Student Union; 17:15-22:55: Theater Rhinoceros; 23:00-31:55: Theater Rhinoceros’s The AIDS Show; 32:00: Theater Rhinoceros’s The AIDS Show.

Date: 1985-02

Out in San Diego Week 37: April 15-19, 1985


Note: Beginning-09:15: Lesbians and Gays and the Democratic Party; 9:28 -17:15: Greater San Diego Business Association’s Grantmaking foundation for Gay and Lesbian Organizations; 17:35-25:50: Research Finding on AIDS from International Conference on AIDS; 26:05-34:15: Fight for Gay Rights in the Courts; 34:30-end: Image Teen Theater.

Date: 1985-04

Out in San Diego Week 23: January 7-11, 1985


Note: Beginning-8:00: 1984 in Review: Gay and Lesbian Themes in the Arts; 8:05-15:05: Assistant Pastor Sheila Rohls Metropolitan Community Church of San Diego; 15:10- 21:45-28:20: Gay and Lesbian Senior Citizens Miss Gay San Diego Pageant; 28:25- end: Roles in Lesbian relationships.

Date: 1985-01

Dennis Fiordaliso Interview


Description: Dennis graduated from the United States Naval Acadamy at Annapolis, Maryland in 1970, and served as an Engineering Officer in the Atlantic and Mediterranean Fleets for four years. He also later served as an Admiral’s Aide on the Military Staff Committee of the United Nations Security Council in New York City. In San Diego, Dennis was a Founding Board Member of the Lambda Archives where he served as Treasurer for 16 years. During this time, he also initiated and helped implement the conversion of the organization financial records, membership lists, and inventories of books and other collections from hard-copy to computer files. Dennis was also a Board member of Athletes-in-Motion and helped organize the participation of 250 San Diego athletes at the Gay Games in Vancouver in 1990, where team San Diego earned 150 medals including a Silver Medal for Dennis in Track. In 1992, as a member of the San Diego Veteran’s Association, Dennis was one of two dozen openly gay military veterans to march as a contingent in the San Diego Veterans Day Parade, the first such activity of its kind by a gay group in the United States. For the past 25 years Dennis has also been actively involved in supporting the work of other community groups, including: San Diego Front Runners and Walkers, Diversionary Theatre, San Diego Democratic Club, LGBT Center and San Diego Pride.

Date: 2016-06-06