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AIDS Prayer Vigil


Description: Footage of an AIDS prayer vigil held in September of 1986 at the Metropolitan Community Church of San Diego. The prayer was led by Reverend David Farrell and speakers include activist Nicole Murray Ramirez and Reverend Steve Peters.

Date: 1986-09-05

Homospirital Lecture Series


Description: At an early age Bell founded the first Gay Liberation group in San Francisco in 1970 at the age of 20. Later, he went on to found gay student unions at San Francisco City College and San Francisco State University. During this period in his life, he also worked on Harvey Milk’s successful bid to become the city’s first openly gay supervisor. After his time as a student activist, Bell moved to San Diego. There, as one of the early directors of the Gay and Lesbian Community Center, he was instrumental to keeping it in the public eye and at the forefront of the political scene. He served on its board for seven years, working at the same time on some of the earliest Gay Pride events in the city. In 1980 he attended the first spiritual gathering of Radical Faeries in Boulder, Colorado. Eventually he became a leading figure of the tribe and a colleague of Harry Hay, one of the founding fathers of gay liberation in the United States. Albert developed a popular course titled “Homospiritual: A Gay Journey to Self Esteem.” This course ran for several years and was presented before hundreds of San Diego men.

Date: 1991-09-13

Metropolitan Community Church


Description: A presentation given at the Metropolitan Community Church of San Diego. Margarethe Cammermeyer was the highest ranking officer in any service of the US armed forces to be discharged based on her sexual prefrence. Reverend Dusty Pruitt entered the army as a second lieutenant in 1970, where she came to the realization that she was a lesbian. After completing her army service she studied at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado, becoming the first openly gay or lesbian person to graduate with the Master of Divinity degree from that school in 1980. She pastored the Metropolitan Community Church in Long Beach, California till 1995. During this time she was discharged from the Army Reserve after giving an interview to the Los Angeles Times regarding her experiences as a lesbian pastor, sparking a twelve-year legal battle to regain her reinstatement and Major status.

Date:  1995-05-28

Pastoral Letter to Parents of Gay Kids


Description: This is a news segment regarding a pastoral letter to parents of gay kids, encouraging compassion. It features Jim Bussen, a former president of Dignity. Dignity is a Catholic organization focused on providing a safe, supportive faith community for LGBT Catholics, their friends, and their families. Founded in 1969, Dignity was one of the first LGBT organizations in San Diego, and the first branch of what is now a national organization.

Date: 1997-10-05

David: A Journey of Faith With Rev. David Farrell


Description: Reverend David Farrell served the San Diego LGBT community as Senior Pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church of San Diego for 20 years, providing a safe, caring environment where people could come for support in the early days of the LGBT civil rights movement and throughout the AIDS crisis. As Senior Pastor, Rev. Farrell also helped unify the LGBT community into a political force. He was involved in raising awareness and gathering support in California for the fightagainst Anita Bryant and the Briggs Initiative. When hestepped down as Senior Pastor in 1995, the San Diego City Council declared December 3 to be Reverend David Farrell Day in San Diego for his twenty years of service to the MCC and to the citizens of San Diego.

Date: 1995-12