SD Women’s Show including Marti Mackey


Description: This is footage of a women’s show including “Marti” Corinne Mackey. Mackey was a local writer and activist. She was a founding member of Lesbians and Gays of African Descent United (LAGADU) and a columnist for local gay and lesbian publications.

Date: 1991

Lynda Koolish interviewed by Susan Richards


Description: This is an interview with San Diego artist Lynda Koolish completed for the Queer Artists Project. It is not only about Lynda herself, but also her documentation of the 1970’s. Both the life experiences she is talking about and the people and events she documented as a photographer are very historic, articulate and pertinent. As a photographer, Lynda documented many of the first women’s concerts, poetry readings, and events in the San Francisco bay area in the 1970s. Her work is a celebration of feminist culture and a celebration of women as writers, artists, musicians, critics, craftspeople, farmers, carpenters, mothers, daughters, sisters, lovers, and friends.

Date: 1997-11-05