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Out in San Diego Week 36: April 8-12, 1985


Note: Beginning-7:30: Special legal needs of Gay and Lesbian couples; 7:40- 14:50: The reorganization of national organizations for gay rights; 15:00- 20:55: Lesbian Nuns; 21:15- 29:30: Lesbian Nuns continued; 29:40 – end: Options: a gay and lesbian dating service.

Date: 1985-04

Out in San Diego Week 28: February 11-15, 1985


Note: Beginning-9:15: Minnesota State Representative Karen Clark, first openly lesbian State Representative of the United States; 9:20-17:10: Gay and Lesbian Student Union; 17:15-22:55: Theater Rhinoceros; 23:00-31:55: Theater Rhinoceros’s The AIDS Show; 32:00: Theater Rhinoceros’s The AIDS Show.

Date: 1985-02

Out in San Diego May 6-10, 1985


Series Title: Out in San Diego

Description: Out in San Diego (OISD) was an LGBT radio program that aired on KPBS in the mid-1980s. Producers included Rick Moore and Jeri Dilno, both active participants in the San Diego LGBT movement and local political organizations. This reel covers a week of the show in May 1985. Topics include old time music and have several guests including engineer couple Linda Arce and Susan Gonzales.

Date: 1985-05

Out in San Diego Week 25: January 21-25, 1985


Note: Beginning-5:35: Gay employment rights; 5:40-13:40: Judy Grahn on historical ties of the color purple with lesbian and gays; 13:45-20:20: Variety in gay lifestyles; 20:25-26:25: Gay bowling league; 26:30: Travel tours and destinations for gays and lesbians.

Date: 1985-01