Photos: Seniors Active in a Gay Environment, General Meetings

Photos: Sharon Parker and Susan Richards

Carole Norman Interview


Description: Carole Norman was working as a sexual health nurse with the San Diego County Department of Health Services when an increasing number of clients began showing symptoms of and asking questions about a new illness that was affecting their community. As she met more people suffering from AIDS and after losing patients, friends and loved ones her dedication to prevention and education grew. As president of the Black Nurses Association, she and other members of the BNA brought an AIDS education campaign to churches and other venues in the African American community. She has also led fundraising initiatives for San Diego’s Walk for Life(now AIDS Walk),  and continues to be a trusted expert in the community about HIV/AIDS. Although retired Carole continues to be involved with the BNA and volunteers at the Sharp Grossmont Senior Resource Center and is on the committee for the San Diego AIDS Memorial Fund.

Date: 2016-02-08

Interviews by John Lockhart


Description: These are a series of interviews conducted by John Lockhart during research for his book, The Gay Man’s Guide to Growing Older; published in 2002. Interviewees include Bob Hendricks, Ed Conlon, Robert Bettinger, Lee Denman, and Rod Harrington. Ed Conlon was better known as Queen Eddie, Queen Mother for Life of the Imperial Court de San Diego, the local chapter of the international court system. The primary topics of the interviews are aging and the LGBT experience.

Additional Description: Note on original label: Side A: Bob Hendricks (F) 5/31; Queen Eddie (P); Robert Bettinger (F) 6/20 (no conclusion for Rob Harrington. Side B: Robert Bettinger (con’t).

Date: 2000

Martie Mackey Interview


Description: Corinne ‘Martie’ Mackey was an African-American lesbian activist and writer. She helped found LAGADU (Lesbians and Gays of African Descent United) in 1989, in response to frustrations that the non-white community was not being adequately represented in LGBT activism. She worked with the San Diego LGBT Center, the Human Dignity Ordinance Task Force, and was a volunteer instructor at the local police academy. This interview about aging was taken in 1991, a year before her death by cancer at age 42.

Additional Description: Note on original label: A: Donald Mackie Interview 2/17/91; B: Mackie Interview on Aging.

Date: 1991-02-17