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Tom Lidot Interview


Description: Tom Lidot, a local Native American activist, founded San Diego’s first and only Native American GLBT support group, Nations of the 4 Directions, in 1991. This group, which operated for five or six years before going on a several year hiatus, brought together Two-Spirited Native Americans from across the area’s eighteen reservations (one of the largest concentrations in the United States) and urban communities.

Date: 1996-05-03

Archives Interviews April 1991


Description: A series of interviews with notable figures in the San Diego LGBT community, taken for Lambda Archives. Interviewees include: attorney and activist Bridgit Wilson (whose work emphasized military cases), Kim McAlister (involved in a variety of women’s events and feminist activism), Dennis Fiordaliso (a founder of Lambda Archives), and Frank Nobiletti (an LGBT studies professor and former LASD board member whose dissertation work focused on LGBT history of San Diego, for which he conducted many of the other interviews in our collection).

Additional Descriptive Notes: Note on label: Archive interview 4/91 Brigit Kim, Chris [ok] at Debbie

Date: 1991-04

Regina Reinhardt Interview


Description: Regina Reinhardt is considered an expert in the field of bisexuality. Born in Germany, she came to California in 1970 and pursued a career in psychology. After receiving her bachelor’s and masters’ degrees from San Diego State University and a Ph.D. in counseling from the California School of Professional Psychology, Reinhardt entered private practice with a specialization in sexual orientation and sexual identity. In 1993, she authored Bisexual Women in Heterosexual Relationships, and wrote the foreword to Dr. Fritz Klein’s book The Bisexual Option, which was published later that same year. She currently serves as the managing editor for the Journal of Bisexuality and a Director of the American Institute of Bisexuality. Reinhardt was the coordinator of the Bisexual Forum, a support and discussion group for bisexuals, and was on the steering committee for the 1993 and 1998 Bi-West Conferences in San Diego. Reinhardt is also a sculptor. Motivated by the idea that love is possible outside of the traditional idea of “one man and one woman,” her themes for her sculptures depict alternative lifestyles. She contributed a sculpture-tile to Aids Art Alive and has since exhibited her sculptures at art exhibits for several bisexual conferences, in San Diego, Los Angeles and Rotterdam, Netherlands and at The Center in San Diego.

Date: 2008-11-08