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Jess Jessop Interview


Description: Robert “Jess” Jessop was an early activist in the San Diego LGBT community. He cofounded the San Diego LGBT Center and the Lesbian and Gay Historical Society of San Diego, fought to obtain city permits for the first Pride parade in 1974, organized the first openly LGBT political support in the city, and was a names historian for the Names Project Tour when the AIDS Quilt came to San Diego in 1988. This is his last interview before his death of AIDS in 1990.

Date: 1990-01-26

Judy Reif and Sheila Clark Interview


Description: This is an interview with partners Judy Reif and Sheila Clark, conducted by Diane Germain for the Lesbian History Project. They were involved with Shirttails Productions, the San Diego Women’s chorus, the Beautiful Lesbian Thespians theater group, and other musical and women’s events.

Date:  1997-09-28

Cynthia Lawrence-Wallace and Peggy Heathers Interview


Description: This is an interview with Dr. Cynthia Lawrence-Wallace and her life partner Peggy Heathers. Cynthia is a self-described feminist and humanist of African descent. She co-founded the San Diego LGBT Center in the 1970s, the San Diego Women’s Chorus in 1987, and LAGADU (Lesbians and Gays of African Descent United). She was involved in the Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses (GALA), and served on the County of San Diego Race Human Relations Commission. She was an activist against racism in the education system and developed curricula materials for the State of California. Peggy Heathers helped co-found the San Diego LGBT Center and the first women’s program at The Center, managed the San Diego Women’s Chorus and GALA, and organized the San Diego Democratic Club’s Blood Sister drive.

Date: 1990-02-19

Bridget Wilson Interview


Description: Bridget Wilson is a San Diego attorney who was involved in many military discrimination cases before and after Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was implemented. She was a member of the Army Reserve from 1977-1980, after which she trained as a nurse and then entered the legal field. She started her own legal firm in 1997, specializing in military cases, civil litigation, business, employment, and personal injury. This interview by Peter Brown focuses on her experience in the Army Reserve and basic training.

Date: 1979