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Jeri Dilno Interview


Description: This is an interview with Jeri Dilno, particularly regarding her experiences in the military, and activism in the 1950s and 1970s. Jeri Dilno has been involved in the LGBT community since the 1950s. She joined the Air Force in 1958 and received an undesirable discharge in 1961 under suspicion of homosexuality (later changed to honorable after she fought the charge). She returned to San Diego in the 1970s and was heavily involved in many LGBT organizations and causes, both social and political. These include the San Diego LGBT Center, the LGBT Pride board, the San Diego Democratic Club, the LGBT State Democratic Caucus, and a campaign against the Briggs initiative.

Date: 1990-02-04

Tom Lidot Interview


Description: Tom Lidot, a local Native American activist, founded San Diego’s first and only Native American GLBT support group, Nations of the 4 Directions, in 1991. This group, which operated for five or six years before going on a several year hiatus, brought together Two-Spirited Native Americans from across the area’s eighteen reservations (one of the largest concentrations in the United States) and urban communities.

Date: 1996-05-03

No on 6 Ads


Note: Program begins at 00:00:25.

Description: Also known as the Briggs Initiative, California Proposition 6 was an initiative in 1978 that proposed to ban LGBT individuals and their supporters from working in public schools. It was part of a broader movement to limit gay rights sponsored by Anita Bryant and the Save Our Children organization. The campaign failed overwhelmingly following a vigorous opposition by public figures including Harvey Milk, then-governor Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter. This reel contains three No on 6 advertisements.

Date: 1978

Dixon Witch Hunt: Press Conference


Description: This is audio of a press conference with the Navy women involved in the Dixon Witch Hunt military case that received national attention from 1982-1983. In 1982, several heterosexual women aboard the submariner USS Dixon gave the Naval Investigative Service (NIS) a list of women they suspected to be lesbians, sparking an investigation into the activities of these women. Through threats of court-martial the NIS convinced one of the suspects to confess and provide a list of lesbians aboard ship. The Dixon women fought their charges, under advisement of San Diego attorney Bridget Wilson, and by the end of the investigation only three of the women were discharged.

Date: 1981

Bernie Michels Interview


Note: Part 3 levels drop gradually from 00:35:00 to end. Part 4 levels drop gradually for first five minutes then come back up.

Description: Bernie Michels is one of The Center’s founders. With Jess Jessop, he called the very first meetings of the Planning Committee in 1972, and later became Executive Director of the committee. About 1967, Bernie slowly began exploring his sexual orientation, coming out fully when he started attending early meetings of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) in Los Angeles. Participating in the GLF was both exhilarating and scary especially when demonstrating against the L.A. Police and marching in the first Pride parade in 1970. Bernie moved to San Diego in 1971 to attend San Diego State University, where he was the first openly LGBT student in the School of Social Work. He also presented the city’s first LGBT studies course in 1974 at SDSU: “Myths and Realities Concerning Gay People.”

Date: 1992-06-21