Out in San Diego Week 27: February 4 – 8, 1985


Note: Beginning-08:35: Gays in the Corrections System: Violence in prisons; 08:40-16:10: Gays in the Corrections System: Programs for Ex-offenders; 16:15-22:05: A conversation with the minister of Tijuana’s only church; 22:10-28:55: Political Agenda facing Gay Community; 29:00-end: Nova television program on AIDS.

Date: 1985-02-04

Out in San Diego Week 35: April 1-5, 1985


Note: Mono from start to :41 and from 5:15 through 5:30 as in original recording. Beginning-5:30: April Fools Day; 5:40-13:30: Lesbian separatism with Diane Germain; 13:40- 21:00: Lesbian separatism continued; 21:10- 30:10: AIDS and the Lesbian community; 20:25-end: Lambda Pride Parade

Date: 1985-04-01

Out in San Diego Week 28: February 11-15, 1985


Note: Beginning-9:15: Minnesota State Representative Karen Clark, first openly lesbian State Representative of the United States; 9:20-17:10: Gay and Lesbian Student Union; 17:15-22:55: Theater Rhinoceros; 23:00-31:55: Theater Rhinoceros’s The AIDS Show; 32:00: Theater Rhinoceros’s The AIDS Show.

Date: 1985-02

Out in San Diego Week 37: April 15-19, 1985


Note: Beginning-09:15: Lesbians and Gays and the Democratic Party; 9:28 -17:15: Greater San Diego Business Association’s Grantmaking foundation for Gay and Lesbian Organizations; 17:35-25:50: Research Finding on AIDS from International Conference on AIDS; 26:05-34:15: Fight for Gay Rights in the Courts; 34:30-end: Image Teen Theater.

Date: 1985-04