Description: Rick Wilson never envisioned himself getting involved with social or political activism. He was happy to live in Hillcrest, out and free, working as a ballroom dance instructor and as a manager of a travel agency. Then in the early 90’s he found himself involved in the campaign against the planned AIDS Memorial in Balboa Park. At first it seemed an impossible task as the Gay community leadership along with the San Diego City Council had united behind the proposed memorial. Eventually Rick would find support among the community and worked with ACT-UP and Wendy Sue Biegeleisen and changed the tide of public and political opinion. Many in the community believed that the money would be better spent on AIDS related servives and that “AIDS was not done yet”. The rally cry would become “No AIDS Memorial until there is a cure”. The interview tells the story of Rick’s Journey through the process of becoming an activist and taking on the powers that be and ultimately winning the argument.

Date: 2016-04-27