Description: This is an interview with Muriel Fisher done for the Lesbian History Project. She was a prominent San Diego artist and activist, remaining active in artistic and political community events till her death in 2005. She was a founder of Many Hands Craft Gallery, San Diego’s oldest artist cooperative. She was also involved with the San Diego Lesbian Organization, San Diego Jewish Lesbian Chavarah, Slightly Older Lesbians, and Shirttails Collective Coffee Houses. She performed and created stage sets for the Beautiful Lesbian Thespians stage group. Her specialty was in textiles and fiber arts, the most famous of which was a series of 12 dolls portraying Exceptional Women in the Arts, which are now permanently housed at the Women’s History Museum in San Diego. Topics of the interview include her family and childhood, meeting Sandy Clauss, CWSS, San Diego Lesbian Organization, Slightly Older Lesbians, Califia, art, activism, teaching, LPA, Sisterhands, and H.E.A.L.

Date: 1997-06-12