Description: Born and raised in a small farming community in northeast Texas, John would later enlist in the US Army in 1969 and serve a tout of Duty in Vietnam. He eventually would settle in San Diego in 1975 and was almost immediately swept up by the social and political activism during that time. He would be involved in the “No on 6” fight against the Briggs initiative in 1978 and was the co-chair of San Diego’s Fledgling Gay Pride March where he would fight for the inclusion of women and socialists in the planning and parade. In 1979 he became the first editor of Update Newsmagazine. During the 1980’s he would be the President and Vice-President of San Diego Veteran’s Association and member of the United Veteran Council of San Diego where he would speak out for gays in the military. In 1986 he would work with F. Stanley Berry and Dr. Brad Truax to coordinate the B-Safe campaign, the first outreach to the gay community by the CDC to test for Hep B. The eighties would also see John test positive for HIV. Undeterred John would keep advocating and fighting, being involved in Strength For The Journey San Diego, a retreat for persons living with AIDS, National Leather Association, AIDS Art Alive, Kids Art Therapy, Art Of Pride and was a Peer Advocate for Being Alive. John would become an Honoree for the Gay Center’s Veterans Wall of Honor in 2014 and has won a Special Commendation from City Council member Toni Atkins for Volunteer of the Year.

Date: 2016-05-16