Description: Marcus began his “work” in the gay community in the early 1970’s when he would march in the Christopher Street West Pride Marches (when they were marches and not parades) with the likes of Morris Knight and Rev. Troy Perry. Would later write columns and features including his photos for several gay publications including Frontiers, Vector and NewsWest. He became coordinator of the Men’s Raps Program at the Gay Community Services Center (GCSC) and worked the hotline and in peer counseling when GCSC transitioned to the Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center. After moving to San Diego Marcus became a columnist and photographer for Several LGBT publications, was Secretary of the San Diego Chapter of Gay and Lesbian Sierra Club and Communications Director for AIDS Project San Diego. He has also been actively involved in San Diego Theatre, as an actor in the first production of Diversionary Theatre, leading acting workshops for gay men as well as writing directing and producing many gay themed stage plays.

Date: 2016-01-13