Description: Born and raised in Indiana, George Murphy moved to San Diego in 1971. A retired professor, George has spent the last forty years dedicated to San Diego and the LGBT Community. He is a member of the LGBT Senior Housing Steering Committee, a founding board member of the LAMBDA Archives, and a member of the Metropolitan Community Church of San Diego since 1972. He is also a founding member of and continues to volunteer for the LGBT Center. In 1983, George helped found the San Diego AIDS project. Through his ministry at MCC, he continues his work for people with AIDS, cancer and other illnesses. He also served on San Diego’s first telephone Gay Crisis Hotline and is a charter member on several committees for the San Diego Democratic Club. Honors and awards include the Jess Jessop Founder’s Award in 1993 and a Wall of Honor recipient for the Center in 2008. Amazingly, George still finds time to be active in his community, Ocean Beach. He has been involved with numerous projects and organizations, including Friends of the Ocean Beach Library, the Ocean Beach Planning Board, and the San Diego River Coalition. He loves to travel, read, watch old movies, practice yoga and view the sun setting on the ocean.

Date: 2014-12-02