Description: This is a video recorded on the day of the election in which Christine Kehoe became the first openly gay elected official in San Diego. She was elected to City Council. These may be her first remarks after finding out she won the election. Christine Kehoe was a pioneer activist in 1978 as a volunteer for the Center for Women’s Studies and Services. In 1980 she was San Diego County’s chair for the campaign to defeat the Lyndon LaRouche AIDS discrimination initiative. In 1984 she became editor of the award-winning San Diego Gayzette newspaper. She was also an early director of the AIDS Assistance Fund (later the San Diego AIDS Foundation), and she served as executive director of the Hillcrest Business Association. She is the member of numerous political and social organizations, and during her first term in the California State Assembly she became the second woman ever elected Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore.

Date: 1993-11-02